Blast from the past: In the confines of fear…

This week’s post is a reflection inspired by a song heard on my commute home one summer evening in 2014.  I remain utterly convinced that there is much deep spirituality to be found well outside the walls of our religious communities.  Truth is found all around us – often in the most surprising of places and ways…

Driving home from school today listening to Ben Howard’s ‘Every Kingdom’ when the lyrics of ‘the fear’ caught my attention. Have a listen:

Just in case you missed it, the line quoted in the title is this:

I’ve been worrying that we all live our lives in the confines of fear…


You will know that I’ve been thinking a lot recently about our beliefs and how they shape our worldview. Put simply – what we believe shapes how we live. It’s obvious and yet deeply profound.

If we make fear and separation the mainstays of our beliefs, we will live in fear and self imposed separation.

We point out what makes us different and we try to keep it that way. We tell people that they must be like us, or they’re not allowed in. We reject, and we deeply harm ourselves by doing so.

If we make hope and inclusion what we’re about, we will live hope and inclusion.

We reach out to those least like us and invite us to join with us as we join with them. We show something different that’s worth joining in. We accept and although that may at times be tough, it’s a price worth paying.

‘The fear’ features another powerful line later on:

I will become what I deserve…

We fear, we become afraid.

We hope, we become hope.

Fear confines.

Hope blows apart.

Does that make sense?


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