Blast from the past: you’re wrong…

This post comes from January 2010, and, I think, marks a point when I began to – very tentatively – challenge some of the foundational beliefs and values that my life had been built on to this point. At the time we were still regular church attenders, but it wouldn’t be long until we’d slipped out of the back door…

You’re wrong…

…and I’m right…

Not the most helpful of ways to have a conversation, is it?  Today I had a chat with a couple of friends about the aggressive nature of duality, or the concept that everything is black and white.  Such as you’re wrong, I’m right; light and dark; true or false.  Sometimes the world just isn’t like that. Sometimes all that breeds is hostility and conflict.

The older I’ve got, the more comfortable with grey I’ve got.  Or perhaps another way of expressing it would be to say that I’m happy with the concept of ‘maybe’.

We were ruminating on the idea of how truth (as evangelical Christians understand it) fits into this different way of thinking…are there absolutes?  Is truth something much bigger than we’ve ever allowed it to be?  How does a relativist view of ‘everything’ challenge our understanding of how Christianity has historically viewed this issue?  Things like moral codes, or even whether ‘sin’ is something that has to be reunderstood (missing the target, as the Greek [apparently!] says).  I’m not sure, to be honest…

Is it possible that we’ve missed the point about the whole faith thing?  Have we reduced our faith to a tiny nugget, explaining everything through doctrine statements, when the faith that the bible talks about is massive.  More than once God basically says ‘you’ll never know’.  That doesn’t mean give up trying to think about it, however.  Hebrews talks about faith in this way:

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see…

Maybe that’s a place of ‘maybe’.  A place, sometimes, of ambiguity, of uncertainty.

Maybe that tension isn’t such a bad thing.

Maybe then we’d have to rely on faith, not on our own assumptions.

Our hope is undoubtedly, unashamedly Jesus.  That’s a pretty good place to start…


2 thoughts on “Blast from the past: you’re wrong…

  1. How have you journeyed since this post? God is definitely bigger and more than the limiting faith many practice, I am keen to encourage others to explore more, to deconstruct faith and piece it together with renewed understanding. Nomad podcasts have been a helpful tool to me for this.

    1. Hi Shawn!

      I explored beliefs and values in two blog series – if you have a look on the blog menu you should be able to see them. They’re the best articulation of deconstruction/reconstruction that I’ve done. Nomad has been excellent – along with the Liturgists…and Rob Bell, of course!

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