Slowing down…

Over the period of Lent I decided to take on the challenge of posting here every day. You may have noticed something of a pattern emerging:

  • Monday: sharing a song that meant something important to me
  • Tuesday: an excerpt from the book I was reading (Tom Wright’s superb ‘The Day the Revolution Began’)
  • Wednesday: an attempt at writing my own poetry
  • Thursday: a poem from a favourite poet, or chosen by someone close to me
  • Friday: reflections from reading through the Bible in a year with a group of friends
  • Saturday: a photograph capturing something of everyday life
  • Sunday: an old post

I kept this up for the past two weeks after the end of lent as it had become something of a habit – and, to be honest, because it has been Easter holidays here in Devon. It’s been good to have something other than school occupying my mind!

As we enter the exam season, I’ve decided to slow things down a little. I’d still like to post several times a week, using a similar routine – but perhaps Friday through to Sunday. This space has always been a really valuable opportunity to collect my thoughts and explore ideas that I’m drawn to. I’ve hoped that it might help or even inspire others.

So – less is more (and all that jazz), but also, I’d really like to hear more from those of you who read my posts. As far as I can tell that’s only about a dozen or so folk (most of whom are probably related to me!). I’d love you to feel free to share my posts, as although I’m not claiming that I’m particularly brilliant at this, but I think I’ve got something interesting to say.

Thanks for journeying with me – join the conversation…otherwise it’ll be a pretty boring experience!


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