Three years invested.

Joys and sorrows.

Successes and failures.

Wisdom and confusion.

Miracles and mundanity.

Friends and enemies.

Nothing too big or too small, from water turned to wine to bread and fish multiplied beyond imagination.

He was the one. You know, the One.

Everything was going to change.

Lives redeemed, healed, restored, forgiven. 

Life itself breathed back into dead bodies.

Hope walking with them. 

What could go wrong?

Everything, it turns out.

Religious leaders scorned.

Roman governors ignored.

Back lashed.

Crown of thorns pushed down on brow.

Cross dragged to final destination.

Flesh punctured.

Breath slips out.

“It is finished.”

Side pierced.

Taken down.

Placed in the tomb.

All is lost.

Hope died.

Dreams crushed.

The End.



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