Blast from the past: beliefs two – God continued…

This is part of a series in which I’m reposting old blog posts to explore my current thinking on the ‘big stuff’.  They were first posted in 2011. I’m aiming to write a reflection after each topic commenting on any evolutions since this point in history

After reading through last night’s post a couple of times I realised that there’s more that I wanted to cover…so forgive me for this addition…

I believe that God is love. Love has too many meanings to each of us to make this simple, and yet I think that’s where the power of this simple statement lies. God is love. He is love. You want to know who God is, you must learn what love is.

Love is costly. Love is scandalous. Love is painful. Love is selfless. Love is sacrificial. Love never gives up or gives in. Love sets people free…yet it also imprisons us, captive to the subject of our desire.

That paragraph could continue for ever and yet never faithfully reflect who God is. When we start to define love we run out of words…so we just love. We stop messing around and we get on with it. But then we need words to describe what’s going on, and then our words catch up with our actions. Our beliefs shaped by our actions.

God is love. That love is messy, complicated, beautiful, deserved and yet profoundly undeserved. But we, his creation, are loved. That’s where our story begins, continues and will one day conclude.

God’s love is what shapes us as his people. It’s how we must be known. A love that transforms, rescues. A radical, revolutionary action that looks at the world and says there can and will be better than this. Love wins over fear. Love defeats everything, even death – whether we see it clearly or not. Love locks its arms around the worst mess, the vilest evil and says nowhere is too far. Love welcomes in, doesn’t banish. Love includes, knowing that transformation can and will come. Love looks at who, not what, we are and promises us a different future, a life fulfilling its potential.

God’s love drives our purpose, our mission, and all of creation is invited to join in. All of us invited to become co-re-creators.

The ultimate expression of that love is the subject of my next post…Jesus…


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