Blast from the past…

About six years I began to explore through this blog some thoughts on what my faith looked like having drifted away from church attendance. I’d found myself exploring new ideas, challenging long held suppositions, and on the way, experiencing much that I hadn’t thought possible outside the walls of the buildings in which I’d worshipped for decades.  

This was a chance to attempt to articulate a post-church theology that would form my praxis – thinking leading to doing, as it were. I can’t say that it led anywhere in particular – but it was and important step towards a new way of being for me.

I thought it might be interesting to repost these thought experiments, as over the years they’ve attracted quite few views, and I’m also in a very different place personally, socially and professionally.  I think I might post something and then offer a follow up post looking at where I am now, several years on – older, but not necessarily wiser!

I’d love to do this as a conversation – so do stop and share some thoughts either below, via twitter (@missiome) or Facebook.

Here’s to some thinking and doing…


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