imaginative: going a bit deeper…

Out of nothing, everything…

Creation – what greater example of imagination could you ask for? Whether you’re a seven day creationist or a totally sold on the Big Bang and evolution as God’s chosen vehicle for making what we’re all part of, this explosion of iaminative power smacks us in the face right at the beginning of the scriptures.  

It sets the tone for us for God’s interaction with creation throughout our story – God using whatever means necessary to reassure us of Gods continuing care for and love of all that exists.

The old part of the Bible is full of imagination – from glorious poems charting the highs and lows of faith and uncertainty to bonkers prophets using all sorts of devices to help the people around them come to understand more and more about what the creator wants for and of them.  Nothing is out of the realms of possibility – from talking donkeys to seas parting, from earthquakes, wind and fire to naked wise men – God’s imagination  and creativity runs wild.

The newest part of the Bible picks up on this theme, with perhaps the greatest storyteller using complex and yet simple parables to entice his listeners in, to paint pictures of the kingdom of God.  Imagine sitting at Jesus’ feet as he spun these tales, turning upside down our expectations, turning heroes into villains and visa versa – minds blown by the radical and revolutionary  nature of what you’re hearing.  

Every miracle a victory of imagination and creativity over the mundane limits we place on ourselves.  The resurrection perhaps the greatest example – even death can be overcome!

What if we were to be people living in community who embraced this heritage? 
What if we were inspired by our past to come up with new ways to imagine our future.

God is imaginative, is creative, is unlimited in using any method in helping God’s creation to experience the divine in the midst of the ordinary.  The boundaries of secular and sacred can be blurred, undermined or simply destroyed as we find ourself blindsided by love and beauty in the strangest possible places.

Our invitation as people who try to live out the kingdom here and now is to embrace our imagination and creativity, to see them as vessels that help us to communicate with each other, but also with the source of everything.  Our own simple (or complicated!) acts of creation mirror the creative genius and inspiration of our creator.  

Those near or far, or no where at all in their ability to believe can express themselves and their inner experiences.

 To live is to create. To create is to bring life to our dreams. 

Let’s go even further than that – to imagine is to dream into existence new and vibrant ways of being.  It ignores what others may say is impossible, it embraces the broken and the weary and makes new once again.  It can redeem and restore.

The first step is to embrace our own creativity, so see it as worthy, to know that what we have to offer is more than simply ‘good enough’.

So, come with who and what you are and see where we get to.

Bring your art, your music, your words, your games…your whatsoever. All is welcome. All is needed.


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