imaginative: magic

Over the last few years I’ve been exploring and trying to explain the kind of values that I believe a group of people faithfully trying to embrace the life of following Jesus might exhibit and inhabit.   The last post in this series explored the value of  imagination for a community seeking to share stories about what matters.

I love Coldplay.

Straightaway many of you will be appalled by this admission. I’m ok with that. 

Ever since I first encountered them through ‘Parachutes’ there’s just something about the way I which they’ve given expression to my feelings about so many things.  Their album ‘Ghost Stories’ is really resonating with me at the moment – it could be the downbeat melancholia, it could be the exploration of the minor keys of our existence – I’m not sure, but I do believe that these guys get how to tell stories.  Despite criticisms that essentially all Coldplay tunes sound the same, they’ve embraced different ways of communicating that clearly resonate with many of us.

Imagination is a bit like magic, really.  It dreams of new and vibrant ways of communication – art, music, poetry, prose – all vessels for creating space to contemplate what matters, and to value all that is important to us.  Magic is deep, unexplainable…just like imagination.

Our imaginations call us to take a leap into the dark, to leave the safety of what is known – voyaging out on a journey of faith.  We won’t necessarily know the final outcome of what we’ve been called to create – but in essence the final outcome isn’t what matter…the response to the call is vital.  Imagination invites us to take risks, which sometimes don’t pay off.

So…here’s a bit of Coldplay to enjoy. The music and lyrics are part of what I want to encourage you to appreciate…but I guess the bigger thing I want to point you towards is the line that says:

And if you were to ask me after all that we’ve been through do I still believe in magic? Yes I do, of course I do.

I believe in magic…do you?


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