wilderness 3: fear…

The hunger is now just a simple background presence – you know it’s there, but it no longer obsesses you.

You’ve become accustomed to the discomfort, the emptiness, even the longing for something more, something…other.

You can grow in this place of nothingness. You can feel it.

Then comes the fear.


A simple word. 

Four letters dripping with malice.

Eroding your sense of wonder, replacing it instead with cold, skin crawling certainty of…getting everything wrong.

The ‘what ifs’ start.

What if this is all wrong?

What if there isn’t anything out here after all?

What if this is nothing more than foolishness?

What if you look like an idiot?

What if we’re left all on our own?

What if…

Fear leads to paralysis.

But it doesn’t have to.

What if fear is the first step into the unknown?

What if fear is a necessary, a sign of something new, something worthwhile waiting just beyond the horizon?

What if that fear becomes the driver into action?

Who knows what is going to happen next? 

What have we to lose anyway? 

This week, embrace the fear. Take it as a pathfinder for something more, something yet to be seen.

You know those moments in the dusk when you see the outline of something, but you can’t quite make it out yet?  Feel that sense of expectancy, of feeling something different is coming.

We’re not quite there yet, but we’re on the way.

Be afraid, don’t avoid it. 

Because when we’re afraid, we’re also alive.

And we’re never left on our own…


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