temptation 2: power…

The whisper returns.

You can have anything, you know, not just bread. 

Lying out in front of us is everything we could ever possibly want.








You deserve it. It’s there. Just ready for you. 

You need it. Take it. Grasp it. 

We’ve been faithful. We’ve done out time. We’ve given up…surely we deserve something for all those sacrifices we’ve made, for all that we’ve given.

All you have to do is bow your knee…

It wouldn’t be so bad to give in, would it?

You could do so much with all of that power.

What can we achieve from a position of weakness?

No one would ever pay attention.

Would they?

We could command, demand attention. No longer would we be insignificant.

We’re told to embrace the power, to feel it coursing through our veins, to thrive on it, to be proud of it.

It’s what wins friends and influences people. It is our world. We can’t ignore it. Let’s run with it, not against it.

You know it’s true…

And yet, deep within, we know the Way is that of weakness.  We know that mustard seeds are what change the world.  Small, fragile, beautiful.

In losing everything, we find Everything.

In embracing weakness, we find Strength.

And forgetting that, on taking up that which the world prizes…well, that is turning our back on that Way.

This week, reject power in whichever way it comes your to you. 

Think about your relationships, your roles, your positions.

What drives them? How do you view the others you engage with?

Are they vessels to achieve your goals, or fellow travellers along life’s road? 

Are you known for your love?

Somehow, completely counterintuitively, a broken, bloody body hanging on a cross – weakness embodied – utterly transforms our world.

Death is broken, power rejected, love triumphant.

Weakness wins.  

Did you get that?


And remember, it’s the small things that make the difference.


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