temptation 1: fill…

We’ve given up. 

We’re empty.


And then it comes.

The whisper.*

…fill the space…you can’t leave it empty…you must learn something…you must know something more…you can’t simply give up…

All good and reasonable points.  It’s foolishness to embrace emptiness and to give up.  We reduce ourselves to nothingness.  Who would do that?

eat up…be nourished…if you wanted to, you could turn those rocks to bread…

Be honest with yourself: it isn’t easy to give up.  Silence is…uncomfortable. Looking deep into ourselves is…well…a difficult place to be.  We might find things lurking there that we have buried deep – for good reason.

you’re not good enough…you’re never going to be able to do this…

Filling the emptiness feels good. We turn to wise voices, but drown out the one Voice that might matter.  We seek new experiences, but miss the deep stirrings within ourselves. 

We doubt that we can be anything other than a whole big mess.

But here we’re asked to trust, to stay the course, to hold on.

Refreshment will come.

Just not now. Not easy answers. Not ‘bread’ but the Bread.

Man doesn’t live by bread alone, after all…

This week, resist the temptation to lose the new found freedoms of giving up and letting go.  

Stick with it. Embrace it. Dwell in it.

Don’t try to fill it with the experiences of others. Don’t try to be anyone but yourself.  Don’t look for quick wins or easy gains.

Take time figuring out whether the whisper* you hear is one which leads you away, or one that draws you close.

*In Arabic, the tempter Shaytan translates literally as ‘the whisperer’.


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