wilderness 1: empty…


The first thing you’d notice.

Not the stunning beauty.

Not even the searing heat.


Awareness of that which you’d given up, not that which you hope to gain.

I wonder how long it would take for that absence to become an obsession.  Hours? Days? 


Gnawing away at you. Gradually growing. Emptiness.

Being without something doesn’t always lead straight to freedom.  The whole point of dependency or addiction is that you need that thing.  It hurts to be empty.

You only become aware of just how dependent you were when you notice the gaping hole it leaves.

Sometimes that which you’ve given up can appear to be incredibly healthy and helpful…but after experiencing its absence you realise the damage it was doing to you.

Empty is uncomfortable. It’s raw. It’s painful.

We do everything in our power to avoid emptiness – filling silence with sound, grasping at food and ‘stuff’ and ‘wisdom’ to avoid the realisation that lurking underneath is always emptiness.

But empty is necessary.  When we fill gaps, we drown out the possibility of hearing our true selves and Truth itself. Empty gives space to hear and be heard.

Emptiness is giving up.

We are stripped away from the certainties provided by that which we have given up.  Back to the essence, perhaps, of who we are.

As we move through the awareness of absence and the desire to quickly fill it we begin to see the space beyond where now there lies something potentially new and hopeful.

We are ready for an encounter. 

This week, seek an opportunity to embrace emptiness. 

Be still, be silent. 

Don’t read anything, don’t listen to anything. 

Become aware. Be brave. Be. 

Allow space for the still, small voice to speak.

“Be still and know…”


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