lent 1 – wilderness

IMG_0107Giving up.

Isn’t that what Lent is all about?

Giving up.

And then there’s all those smarties who say they’re ‘giving up giving up’, a bit like the resolution to give up resolutions…you know the type…

Giving up.

I’ve given up stuff in the past. My addictions (coffee/Facebook etc…) and stuff that I know is bad – and yet so good – for me.

Can’t say that I’ve been hugely successful at either.

My dependency has always returned. My habits have faded away.

So, this lent I’m going to try to walk in the wilderness a little.

The 40 days of giving up traditionally link to the 40 days Jesus spends out in the barren lands of his homeland.

Giving up.

Food. Drink.

Taking on temptation. Hunger. Thirst.

Hatching his plans. Straightening the crooked. Biding his time. Connecting.

Seems like a good place to start for those who would follow.

But wilderness hurts.

Ask Jesus. Ask Abraham. Ask Moses. Ask David. Ask Elijah.

We could go on…

…and yet it seems to bring a certain clarity that I could certainly do with – a necessary stage in the journey on to…well, wherever or whatever comes next.

Giving up.

Taking on,

Emptying out,

Filling up.

Ready for the next…


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