reasons why…

PianoOccasionally I find myself wondering why or even if I still ‘believe’. These days it’s a less frequent occurrence as I’ve learned a new way to understand and express belief (and doubt). Having moved away from much of what following Jesus looks like for many, however, I still find myself questioning: what is the point? Why do I bother? What if there isn’t anything out there? What then?

It’s at this point that I can only explain my residual belief as a ‘resonance’. As in when you whack a key on a piano and you hear all the other notes shimmering away in the background. It just feels like there’s something else out there, something operating both behind and yet deeply interwoven in the midst of everything. You might also describe that kind of feeling as a rhythm, something to which you’re irresistibly drawn, something that is ‘there’, just waiting for you to join in.

That, for me, is the God story. And that story best finds expression in and through the life of Jesus, who I can’t help but be drawn to.

This isn’t my idea – something I once heard the wonderful Jenny Baker talking about which has stayed with me for a long time. It might even help you articulate what you think or have experienced.

Anyway, the first time I watched the video below a few years back it felt just like it spoke of the thing that had been going on deep within me for so long. This guy has a way of saying things which ‘resonate’, and funnily enough articulate here much of what he was later torn apart for as he moved away from the mainstream,

I won’t say much more.

You ask me why I believe…well, this is why

Just enjoy.


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