spluttering into life…

You know that moment when you try to light a candle? You know, when you strike the match for the second or third time and finally flame erupts? And then you hold it to the wick, expectantly and yet hesitantly…hoping that it will catch on before your fingers are burned?

What if this advent season we think like this. Those of us who are weary, are ‘burnt out on religion’, those for whom what once worked no longer does. Those who still hope and dream even if those dreams are so different from what they once were.

We are those wicks, just spluttering into life. Hesitantly, with a degree of doubt and uncertainty, and yet hopeful still that we can burn.

We are those who say together that this is not how our world has to be. That more can and will come.

We are those who long to spread hope. With our words and our actions and our love and our tiny inconsequential movements and moments of grace.

And so we splutter into life and light.

Join us.


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