big questions – in the beginning…


One of the ways in which I have experienced growth in my faith over recent months has been the willingness to ask and explore some huge questions. I know I’m not unique in this, but I’ve focused particularly on those niggling little ones that sit at the back of your minds – the type your Sunday School teacher used to sigh about…or was that just me?!

You know the ones I mean? The ones we’re supposed to just ignore and ‘have faith’ about? Well, I want to explore some of these questions in public.

The great thing about this process is that it isn’t necessarily about the answers (or lack of, in my experience) that we may come up with – its about the willingness to unpack the murky stuff of belief. The kind of stuff that can take you perilously close to disbelief – although this in itself is not a bad thing as you learn to discard those ‘beliefs’ that are less about God and more about religion and control. The unlearning of unhealthy thinking or, as my friend Andy calls it, the ‘overcoming’.

So – help me be brave. Help me to sail close to the edge of the abyss. Let’s together ask big questions that push and pull, that disconcert and probe. Let’s go deep, wide, shallow – wherever we need to go.

But let’s not accept trite. Let us neither be more interested in the perfect answer or argument, but in something that hits the road running. What use is clever reasoning if we’re left unsure of how the. to live our lives? I don’t mean neatly packaged A-Z route maps, but gritty reality of what it looks like to live a transformed existence. If faith doesn’t leave us transformed, what’s the point?

What questions do you have of faith/belief/religion? Join me in exploring them. Community is the place to do this stuff, so get involved via the comments below or by hitting me up on twitter (@missiome).

Off we go…


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