c’est fini…

growing...So…after 365 days worth of photos showcasing the life of a very average 30something British guy who has the joy of being a husband and father to two gorgeous women; a guy who moved from being a trainee to a real teacher, got his first classroom and learnt on his feet how to ‘actually’ teach – here we are, the end of 2012.

What a year.

Highlights – undoubtedly anything to do with my family.  I’m beyond blessed.  A wife who loves and supports me in everything that I try to do.  A daughter who occasionally listens to me, but loves me all the same.  A Mum and Dad who made me into who I am today (blame them!) and a brother and sister in law that make me smile whenever I see them…which is nowhere near often enough.  In-laws to die for – Denise, Claire (and Graham) and Marc (and assorted Ransleys/Brines).  Friendships, moving home, Heavitree, Park Life, Parkology, the pub, breakfast with the Es and Rs.  All of these guys have cropped up throughout the year…hopefully you’ll see more of them as the new year goes by.

Lowlights – the weeks in the spring when it seemed like no job would ever turn up, when lesson plans overwhelmed me and classes didn’t want to behave.  The frequent undermining of everything teaching and learning stands for in British schools by a education secretary who hasn’t got the balls to be honest about what he’s really up to.

It’s been a good one.  Maybe I’m an optimist, maybe I’m a positive type, but it has really felt like it.  If you want an overview (and a really long one at that!) you can find all the 365 project photos here.

I also spent some time at the start of the year trying to explain where my beliefs are and how they’ve developed since we moved from the Salvation Army and ENC.  I hope they proved though provoking and stirred a desire within you to explore the things you believe in, testing them, figuring out why you believe what you believe, not just accepting what someone else has told you to believe.  I think some of these beliefs have moved on again over the past 12 months, perhaps something to explore in the next few months.

So…what about 2013…lots to explore, lots to experience.

May it be a year full of challenge and growth and life and love and hope and everything that being human brings…

I leave you with a picture with the star of the show…getting excited about her growth too!


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