day 353…

teaching rocks sometimes...You’ve witnessed the creativity of my pupils before…

Well, here’s another great example.

Year 7 (11-12) have been working on a sequence of lessons about ‘who am I?’, trying to understand the ways in which we understand ‘who’ we are.  We’ve thought about whether we’re our ‘image’, or our relationships, or decisions.

To cap things off we worked through Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s incredible poem ‘Who Am I’, written during the imprisonment that would eventually lead to his death at the hands of the Nazi regime.  Bonhoeffer is one of my heroes, so to work on this with pupils was quite special.

As we read through the poem I asked pupils to draw what they thought Dietrich was feeling or thinking, and then their emotional response.  As you can see they’re a fabulously creative bunch!

Proud teacher this week…


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