day 331…

Took a bit of a classroom risk last week – decided to let my year 9s (13/14) teach each other about Buddhism. Bearing in mind it’s one of the more complex religions out there (and that’s saying something!) it was a step into the darkness. Would they do it? Would they be creative or just stand in front of the class and talk?

Basically – they were awesome. I am one very happy RE teacher…games, word searches, worksheets, q and a, video, experiential learning. Brilliant!

This was a highlight – a board game made by one group to explain how karma works. They’d created cards, rules an everything. Love it!

Teaching is great sometimes. The best bit? Just letting them get on with educating each order and at the same time themselves.


2 thoughts on “day 331…

    1. Thanks, Frank.

      Great thing about teaching RE is allowing pupils to explore lots of different religious views, investigating their truth claims for themselves. Fascinating conclusions they come up with sometimes.

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