day 324…

After our trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour over half-term we decided to watch all of the films in order.  It was something to go back to the beginning and remember where we were when we first watched the films together, and how we ‘grew up’ with these characters (well…in a way…)

They’re great.  Yeah, the acting is wooden sometimes, the storylines aren’t always brilliant…but they’re just fun.  And scary.  And deep (dying to save everyone…?).

So, why not dig out the films at some point (or watch them all on Sky at the moment) and have some quality family time (if your kids are a little older than Sephi, of course!)


2 thoughts on “day 324…

    1. No – not quite! We spread it over 2 weeks, with a couple of them watched in 30min chunks. We’re both teachers, so evenings tend to be fairly sacred family time and then planning for the next day of teaching!

      Thanks for stopping by Jeyna!

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