day 313…

Mini-road trip again today – this time to one of our favourite places in Plymouth: the Royal William Yard Bakery.  I’ve raved about this place before, but basically it’s a simple concept that celebrates communal eating and good, honest food.  The people are good, the atmosphere is fantastic.  It’s just a good place to be.

This is our first visit since they moved into a larger venue on the same site.  What a beautiful place – full of light and space.  Perfect for hanging out and eating to your hearts content.  My choice was two pastries – pain au chocolat and pain au raisin.  Beautiful, light, fluffy, juicy, chocolatey.  Yummy.

Thanks, Clive and the gang for creating such a fantastic space.  Our family loves you.  We just wish you opened up in Exeter at some point…in fact we know the perfect place and people for you to work with.  They’re looking to build community and you know how.  Could be a perfect match!


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