day 302…

So…here it is…the big surprise…

Kay’s birthday present this year was a trip to the Harry Potter studio tour.  I won’t mind admitting that I didn’t have any time for the Potter books until I met and married Kay.  I thought they were little more than overhyped kids books that showed how rubbish the reading health of many adults were.

And then I read the first one because Kay had them.  And I didn’t stop.

One of our first ‘dates’ was to see a Potter film – it would have to be Prisoner of Azkaban I think – which then cemented this as a shared love.

So there we were, lined up with hundreds of other Potter geeks!

What a treat.  Brilliant.  If you can do it, visit it.  Magical in all the right ways, deepening our love for the series rather than ruining it by spoiling all the special effects and background details…

Loads of cool pics that I might share later…

Even Sephi who is far too young (3) to have seen the films or have been read any of the books really enjoyed it…with her special little passport and collecting stamps she was in heaven!

So…if you’re a Potter fan (or even not but just love films and finding out how they’re made) it’s a must.  Do it!


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