day 301…

Off up to London for a few days to see our lovely sister-in-law Tayyaba…my brother Richard is on his roadtrip across America at the moment (which makes me the only nuclear Thompson left behind here in the UK!).  I guess this is our own little roadtrip!

Special treat tomorrow for Kay’s birthday…but more on that…tomorrow!

Quick stop at Caffe Nero for a lovely coffee and breakfast…and art, of course.  One classic was left behind as a parting gift…worth millions in years, I’m sure!

I love the intensity with which she creates!  Concentration…especially at staying the the lines!  Much more skilled than me…I always struggle to stay in the lines!

Also note the subtle way in which I’m getting her to link coffee with creativity?!

Mwah ha ha!  I will get her hooked…eventually!


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