day 299…

I’m a big James Bond fan…not sure what it was that first hooked me – not really the gadgets or the girls…but something else…

Anyway, nowadays it’s all about the complexity of this brutal killer who fights hard for his country and has these deep flaws which reveal something of his humanity.

But the big bangs, gadgets and girls are kinda cool too!

We went to see Skyfall today – and I have to say I’m rapidly becoming one of the gang who think Daniel Craig might well be the best Bond there’s been – and that Skyfall could be the best Bond film so far…

We see a Bond who is human, who is utterly committed to his cause (to the point of breaking protocol) and willing to lay it all on the line for those he’s closest to…even if that’s a fairly short list.  We see a villain worth his salt and Bond’s best attentions, and the deepening of M’s role to show her in a new and compelling light.

Also love the little references to Bond heritage…including the last scene (no spoilers here!).

All in all, well done Mr Mendes, Mr Craig, Mr Bardem, Ms Dench et al…well done indeed…

(by the way, the photo was taking during the trailers…not the film itself…that would be sacrilege!)


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