day 294…

In a few short days I will be participating in the global manfest that is Movember.  If you’ve not come across it before it involves the growth of a Moustache in November…Movember…clever, eh?  It’s a beautifully simple way of raising money and the profile of campaigns supporting male focused cancer research.  A group of us from Uffculme are forming a mo-brotherhood, so as soon as the half-term break is over we’re into ‘tache growing mayhem!

Anyway, I’ve been nurturing a proper beard for the last few weeks.  Kay just said that it got to the ‘too hairy’ stage so…as the movember rules make it clear that you start on the 1st of November hair free, I though I would take it off as evidence for the last day of term.

So, here’s a photo for posterities sake.  New growth will begin (despite wife-ly protests) next week.  A few days hair free.  Bliss.


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