day 283…

Blog followers will know that the Thompson household has been grabbed by a baking fever (as in excited about baking, not some weird illness!) in recent months.

Brownies, flapjacks, banana bread, chocolate crunch…all of them created and thoroughly enjoyed…

Today I decided to make something from my Grandma’s recipe book.  Dad had inherited it after Grandma’s death a couple of years ago, so a quick photo later these three recipes appeared – ginger crunch, shortbread…and my childhood favourite – chocolate (praline).  Chocolate (shorthand for this deliciousness!) was always the highlight of our trips up to the North-East, and Grandma used to make tins of it for me to take back home with me…a practice that continued all the way up until university (when Grandma would have been well into her 80s and even 90s.  She was a fantastic baker…really fantastic…

Anyway, I attempted the recipe last week, and although it wasn’t at all bad (lots of positive feedback from the Thompson clan), it wasn’t the ‘taste memory’ that I had.  Perhaps it was the wrong type of chocolate…or I hadn’t ground the digestive biscuits sufficiently…but I thought I’d have another crack at it today.

And boy was it good…yum, yum and thrice yum.  Taste memory just about spot on.  It was like being a kid all over again.

Funny how food can do this to you…

Which taste memories have you spent hours trying to recreate?


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