day 282…

(bit of an old photo today…but playing catch up! Also, couldn’t find a photo of M+D+S…will have to work on that!)

Mum and Dad are off to the other side of the world for a fantastic 7 week holiday in New Zealand and Australia.

They’re going to be working their way around the antipodean parts via camper van…both in kiwi-land and Oz…

Not jealous…much…but we will miss seeing them on a weekly basis…bit like the old days before Sephi arrived!

You can follow them via their blog (mentioned a few days back) which I’ll add to my links.  Hopefully there’ll be loads of stunning pictures as and when they find wifi access.

We’re really blessed to have both Denise and my Mum and Dad involved weekly in Sephi’s life.  Both Kay and I grew up with very rare visits to grandparents, and I think we thought it might be the same for Sephi due to being so far south-west.  All three are now a vital part of our childcare arrangements…but much, much more than that.

We love you all and thank you beyond words.


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