day 269…

I was reminded a couple of days ago by a friends update on Facebook that it’s just about 10 years since I entered William Booth College as Cadet Martin Thompson, a part of the Bridgebuilders session of Salvation Army ministry trainees.

My friend mentioned how if anyone had told her what life would have thrown at her in the past 10 years she would have ‘laughed you out of the building’.  I can only echo that thought.  Who would have known what 10 years would hold – meeting Kay, being commissioned and ordained as a Salvation Army officer…some fabulous times as Divisional Youth Officer for the South Western division and then the challenging and releasing decision to resign after 2 and a half years.  5 very happy years with the Church of England in Devon as youth work adviser and then entering teacher training. Fatherhood…mortgages…cats…wow.

Those two years at WBC were incredibly special.  I regret that I’m not in touch with many of the people who were and are very important to who I am today.  Without those years I wouldn’t be where I am today.  The next two years will be full of landmarks…tenth anniversaries all over the place.

Thank you fellow Bridgebuilders.  The two years that were ahead of us were just incredible. Happy, frustrating…hilarious, sad at times…formative beyond imagination…what a privilege to have lived and served alongside you.


4 thoughts on “day 269…

  1. Those who have left: You, Tracy and I, Jill Briggs, David and Caroline Harris, Adrian and Yvonne Bright, Laura Nairn, Christine Budding (PtG), Eileen Halliday, Gio Parrales. From what I hear, a few on the brink…

    Sad or inevitable? I’ll let you decide 😉

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