day 244…

I can’t believe how skilled Sephi is with electronic devices.  She knows how to get my ipad and iphone up and running.  She can find youtube videos.  She can play her DS games to her heart’s content!

When I was her age the best thing we had was Pong on the Nintendo…I never had the dexterity or the coordination to succeed at the games we had on the ZX…I was hopeless at tetris on the gameboy!

They talk about children growing up today as ‘digital natives’ – kids who will never know a world without social media, the internet and games consoles all over the place.  What the future looks like for them can only be glimpsed at.

Either we worry about it…or we embrace it.  I’m of the latter camp…protecting Sephi is really important, but the benefits outweigh the fears.


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