day 228…

We’re off to Greenbelt tomorrow for the first time!  I’m excited…I think everyone else is too!

Greenbelt is a Christian festival – although quite wide ranging in its theology…in other words it’s a place where there is no overwhelming ‘doctrine’ other than inclusivity.  We’re going with our friends the Emmens and Robertsons…and will be delivering a little taste of parklife.  It’ll be fun to see how this whole experience goes!

The next few days of posts might be a bit late in appearing…but I will chart our little festival experience.

By the way…it’s also our first time camping…as a couple let alone as a family!  This boot is full of equipment we’ve borrowed from a friend at Kay’s school…and our boot is full already even without our clothes and food!  Hmmm.  Challenging packing time tomorrow…


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