day 227…

Another one of those parental pleasures…watching your beloved little ones enjoying their food!

Sephi is generally a very tidy little girl.  Well, as tidy as three-year-olds get, that is….apart from when it comes to pasta sauce!

Mealtimes are a delight – she’s always been willing to eat away.  We experimented with baby led weaning alongside breast feeding when she was 6 months old (follow the link to find out more) – I’m convinced this has led her away from fussiness and towards a healthy attitude to food.  Hopefully this will be something that stays with her.  Being a teacher I come across far too many young girls (and a few boys) who have huge issues in this area.  Anything we can do now to educate her against this has to be a good thing – alongside helping her to understand what magazines do to distort our understanding of what ‘attractive’ means.

Bit serious for a three-year-old…but there we go…in the meantime, here’s to her loving her food!


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