day 226…

Ok.  So we had passion flowers

…now we appear to have fruit from these passion flowers.

Call me a dunce (I know many of you do already…), but does that make these passion fruit?  If so…what can we do with these fruit?  Kay’s in a baking mood at the moment…any recipe suggestions?

Eventually we’d like to develop the raised bed planters in the garden to become more productive with fruit and vegetables.  Not entirely sure how to do this.  With my Mum on the job though, all things are possible!


2 thoughts on “day 226…

  1. I am insanely jealous they are so hard to get fresh here in Philadelphia,!!!

    Passion fruit recipes ideas:
    How to make puree:

    Passion fruit curd: Delicous as cake layer or from the jar or on toast

    MY FAVORITE is a passion fruit pavlova:

    great cocktails (rum + Passion fruit puree + Sparkling water + lime)

    Lovely marniade for fish/pork/chicken: Passion fruit pulp + garlic + Lime Zest + Salt + chilies (don’t leave on too long)

    Passion Fruit Butter ” Puree whipped w butter & bit of lemon or lime zest

    Lovely drizzled over yoghurt, ice cream, pound cake…

    More ideas;

    1. Hi Ali,

      Thanks for stopping by and for giving a whole host of ideas. I think I might have missed the boat this time round, but next year I’ll try to be ready!


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