day 218…

My friend Andy is a remarkable man.  He has a real passion for gaining much more meaning from our engagement with video games.  He also has a gift for helping us to understand so much more about ourselves by playing these games.

Tonight Andy took over the cathedral (for the second time!) to share with us his vision for gaming.  We shared as a community in playing Journey – a truly beautiful and meaningful game that I really recommend you explore.  The fusion of the game and the liturgy of communion was at times confusing and yet at other times deeply, deeply moving.

The point here, of course,  is that we can experience ‘spiritual’ moments in the midst of the most unexpected.  We should always be aware of this.  God is everywhere, always.

Thanks, Andy for creating an incredible space tonight.  Using 21st century technology and creativity to bring alive and millennia old spiritual space.

Ancient modern indeed.



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