day 211…

Doing a spot of babysitting tonight at a friends house, so borrowing a bit of wifi to watch the Olympics.

Incredible how we can engage with big events nowadays – laptop and ipad mean watching live feed and keeping a track of ongoing events.  Twitter etc. give us direct and almost instantaneous access to those participants.  Facebook helps us to join our community of friends as they respond to what they’re watching.

Is this a good thing?  Do we consume events now rather than simply watch them?

Not sure…but I do love it!


2 thoughts on “day 211…

  1. Sometimes these days it’s just easier to access a computer or mobile device than a TV… In fact several friends no longer own a TV they just log on instead…
    It may or may not necessarily be an improvement but definitely a reality for more and more people these days.

    1. What’s really interesting is the way that using social networking broadens our experience of tv and events. I think we’re much more consumers of TV now than ever before. We can find out the smallest details about whatever we’re watching in no time at all (like: where have we seen that actor before!), see how our friends are responding to the same things that we’re watching etc…

      I think it adds a whole new dimension.

      Some of our closest friends don’t have access to tv – if they want to watch anything they use the BBC’s iplayer or similar tools. I think they appreciate the freedom of not being restrained by what the people who decide the schedule want them to watch!

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