day 208…

Finished the book I was reading in yesterday’s photo – The Shadow of the Galilean by Theissen loaned by my friend Andy.  If you want something that helps you to understand the world that Jesus is born, lives in and ministers to then this is a beautiful way to get that understanding.  Thoroughly recommended…

On to the next read (can you tell I’m on holiday?!) – this time turning back to history and something that’ll help with my RE teaching too.  I’ve been interested in finding out more about the world of the Crusades for quite some time in terms of helping us to understand something of the historical enmity between Christianity and Islam.  I picked up Asbridge’s ‘The Crusades‘ a while back but have only just found the time to read it.

I believe strongly that to understand today we must try to wrestle with our past.  To understand the actions of a tiny minority of fundamentalists (in both Christianity and Islam) we need to learn the lessons of the past.

I want to be clear here that I’m not seeking to justify these actions, simply to try to understand how such a worldview can come about.  Then I might be able to help my students to understand some of the biggest challenges our world faces today.  That, I hope, is what RE is about today.


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