day 187…

Lovely day out today…although a little different to our original plan…

We knew the weather was a bit…well…dodgy…but we didn’t count for torrential rain that meant we didn’t make it much past Honiton on the way to Lyme Regis.  Having managed to squeeze our way through a massive puddle on the A30 (which was closed heading back to Exeter) we eventually turned around when the road turned into a waterfall.  A breakfast stop at Honiton later and the A30 was open again so we could bolt home.

Eventually headed into Exeter and made some art (at Make Art).  Josephine is finished!  As in her name in decoupage.  Photos will follow…eventually.  Plus a couple of rather handsome young dinosaurs were completed by the Hill family.

The day ended with lush fish and chips and lots of giggles around the dinner table.  Not bad for an almost rain-wrecked day.

Lovely day, lovely company.


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