day 178…

My bookmark at the moment…

How’s your ride?

Must say, I’m feeling very reflective at the moment – a (short) chapter of my life is closing, another due to open. Also feeling the need for a little space to collect myself again.

The introvert part of my finally balanced ‘id’ is winning over…navel gazing commences hereafter!


5 thoughts on “day 178…

      1. To carry on the analogy, I would say ‘Yes”. The currents are strongest in different parts, and sometimes judicious use of the paddle (free will choice) will allow us to stay more in the Flow of the current than if we just went along for the ride. It happens with us, not to us. But I will also agree that no choice (no paddling) is ALSO a choice.(smiley face goes here).

      2. Great response – my fear is that waste a lot of energy paddling when flowing would take us in the right direction in the first place. Delays, however frustrating…or even unintended deviations…can be immensely important in terms of actual growth. I’m not a fatalist, by the way – believing very much that the right choices are really important.

        Really enjoying the dialogue!

      3. There is no wrong choice. There is only learning. I do not approach the living of my life from an intellectual place. I always ask ‘guidance’ what it is I need to do next. Then I do that. Keeps things simple. Yes, sometimes I ‘appear’ to end up in the ‘wrong’ place, or get ‘delayed’, but I do not have the level of mind that can understand the intricate workings of the Divine Design, so I do not even attempt to do so. I just want to do my part, and if my part includes going off into a ‘ditch’ sometimes, then so be it. If you take a quick look at the page I set up with the list of all I’ve put on the site so far, you might have a better feel for my pov, and hopefully you could see that I consistently encourage that each of us do whatever is on our hearts to do next, to the best of our individual capability to understand that guidance. For as our consciousness shifts, our understanding grows as well. Sometimes the next thing to do is to break out the paddle. Sometimes the next thing to do is to float along…Someday I will write a ‘story’ about how I came to actually feel, physically, the optimal Flow to our lifestream. But that is for another day, and to be shared on the blog. Hope this was useful…And me, too, the dialogue thingie! Blessings to you. J

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