day 176…

So last year sometime Kay managed to win a Kindle. Neither of us were sure whether she’d take to it or not. We’re both book mad and love having the weight of a book in our hand.

Funnily enough I think she’s won over. Could be the fact she can order a new book as soon as she’s finished the last? Not sure. Maybe she’ll tell us here!

Practically speaking it does make sense – one lightweight replacement for dozens of books.

What do you think? Death of paper based books? Greatly overrated?


4 thoughts on “day 176…

  1. Jonathan bought me one for Christmas. I use it for holidays but I still read books too. Get most of my books from gym or charity shop

  2. I’ve got one and I use it mostly for reading free books and online stuff. It’s great for reading and, as you say, great for taking away. But I still love the weight and smell of a real book. Plus it’s easier to flick around the pages in a book and make notes etc, so I probably wouldn’t do any serious study on a kindle.

    1. Agreed. Texture is everything…reminds me of a New Testament class at College where a mate got into trouble for using an e-version. The tutor told him that you can’t read the Bible without feeling it…!

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