day 169…


Fathers Day changed beyond all recognition the moment I became a Dad on May 4th 2009.

I always knew I was blessed with a father who loved me and had endeavoured to raise me in the right way. I know I had more than once tried his patience…but that’s what being a youngest son is all about, isn’t it?

So when I became a Dad…well, I had a great example. Patience, steadfastness, a willingness to tell his wife and two boys that they were loved.

That’s my model. I don’t always get it right. I’m sure my Dad thinks that at times too. But I know that my girls know that they’re always loved.

And my little girl is a pleasure to be a Dad to. It ain’t exactly hard.

If anyone ever asks for some tips here’s a few:
– be you…don’t try to be anyone else
– love always
– be generous beyond simple necessity
– be patient and build in lots of room to say sorry and forgive
– trust your wife…she knows what she’s doing even if you don’t
– give up whatever it takes to be present…and I mean really present. (I’m not always great at this, by the way)
– follow your instincts, even when it goes against what the books say…trust your knowledge of your wife and child. Again, they tend to know what they’re doing
– smile often…especially when annoyed
– on that note, don’t worry when you do get annoyed. You’ll get over it. You always do. Don’t ignore it, don’t repress it. Deal with it and move on
– sometimes shutting up and accepting that you’re wrong is the best option. Deal with it and move on
– enjoy every day. It really does go by as quickly as everyone says. 3 years? 3 months more like
– if you fell like you’re getting it wrong every time try and chill out and just try again

I’m sure you’ve got many more tips…feel free to add below…

Thanks, Dad, for making me the Dad I am.


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