day 107…

Well and truly back on the bean now…so treated myself to a bag of espresso roast beans from Monmouth.

This…this is the good stuff people.

It’s good to be back…


2 thoughts on “day 107…

  1. In your time in Exeter have you come across Mr Dave Bish? He’s the regional bod for the UCCF down there (he use to cover the Reading area when I was at Uni there). He’s a fellow coffee snob, you might be interested in this little nugget he wrote: and this one
    Look him up if you get a chance, your theologies might differ but you might enjoy the conversations!

    1. No, can’t say I have, as I moved on from the Diocese around about the time he moved in, I think.

      He’s quite the devoted type, isn’t he?!

      To my mind, you get a nice coffee, and you take your time over it. Simple, really!

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