day 102…

Kay and I had a lovely trip to the Bike Shed Theatre for a one-off special featuring the fantastic work of mastermind Andy Robertson, who just happens to be a good friend of ours…

Andy’s experimenting with new ways of engaging with video games, from Radio Play reviews to Bob and Fred to the wonderful music of Rebecca Mayes (her personal site is here), responding to the themes she encounters in her gaming.  You can find a whole heap more of this creative approach over at the gamepeople website

This is great stuff…and I get the sense all part of something really beautiful that Andy is putting together.

You may also have seen Andy on Watchdog, read him at, and heard him on on various radio shows…he’s also going to be one of the speakers at the first TED Exeter event later this year…not bad, eh?

Now…where’s my xbox360?


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