day 100…

We’ve worked hard to make sure that Sephi isn’t overwhelmed with the whole ‘she’s a girl she must love pink and princesses’ scene that is forced at young girls.  She has her girly things, she likes the Disney Princesses, but she also likes Tinkerbell, who is pretty tomboyish nowadays.

This morning, she decided that she wanted to be a pirate.  And why not?  So this is Pirate Captain Sephi…shouting ‘Ahoy me hearties’ to all and sundry!

Whatever she ends up wanting to be like as she grows up is entirely up to her.  She may turn out to be a girly girl…but not because we decided that she had to be.  I suppose that one of my basic dreams for her is that she’ll be empowered to be who she wants to be, and to challenge this kind of prejudice and discrimination wherever she finds it.

Not too much to hope for, eh?


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