day 93…

Out with the Parklife boys again tonight…fantastic catching up with them to share life.

This is increasingly becoming my church. Hard to explain, but it’s working in a way that church hasn’t for a while for me.


4 thoughts on “day 93…

  1. Love it. It’s what you’ve been saying for ages, it’s all in the conversation. I had a friend Hugh who would’ve loved this!
    I wish I lived nearer or had a group of friends I could do this with!

      1. But do you not need at least 2 Christians so that you can start having the conversations that others will be drawn into?

      2. Ah – but that’s the point, I think. We are a group of Christians, and we need to broaden it. My contention is that if we’re living life then we’re naturally sharing all of who we are all the time. So we don’t need another Christian, we just need another human.

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