lent reflection 4…

This is this week’s reflection from our parkology lent series (if you’re interested in following some of the series, you can find it over on the parkology blog)

Think – Everyday Reorientation
As I’ve been reading through the gospels over the past few weeks one thing has come to the fore time and time again.  It’s a sense of the everyday ordinariness of what’s happening.  Clearly not the ‘Son-of God-walking-about-on-earth’ bit, but the humanity of the lives and encounters we witness as we read.  The way in which Jesus cuts through all the layers of crap and demonstrates the coming of the kingdom through his words and actions in the everyday matters he engages with.  Essentially, what Jesus seems to be up to is bringing about the fullness of human potential to all he encounters.

This has struck a chord with me as I’ve journeyed through lent with my sisters and brothers here.  What we’re doing here isn’t about some kind of removal from the everyday, instead it’s a radical reorientation of it.  We are seeking to make every relationship and every moment sacred. This scares and yet excites me deeply.

It means that we begin to look at every encounter in a way which asks “how am I living out the stuff I’m experiencing?” – for me, the central question of following Jesus.

How does this lenten pilgrimage prepare us for this radical reorientation?  As Andy mentioned last Saturday,  it is about being who we are meant to be.   Some of it will be mundane, some of it will be profoundly transformative.

As Ben, Tobit, Andy, Owain and Owen have all been writing, our journey is indeed to stop, listen, allow ourselves to be shaped, and then engage with the everyday – everyday, living who we are made to be, bringing ‘life’ with us.

This week we’ve focused a lot more on doing – so here’s a challenge that ‘scares’ and ‘excites’ me.Jesus always seems able to find a way in which he helps people to become truly human.  How about today intentionally doing that in every encounter?

What does this mean?

I guess sometimes it means bringing words of life and hope. Sometimes it will be practical help. You’ll know what it is. You’ll have that gut gnawing sensation which tells you the right thing to do.  How about a day of not ignoring it (i certainly ignore it far too often) and seeing what happens?

Let us hear what happens.  I’m flippin’ petrified!!

Grace and Peace,

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