day 64…

Had a lovely breakfast with the Emmens family this morning (Tobit, Mary and the lovely Bethan, Leah and Matthias)…

What a great way to start a Sunday…pastries, choclate granola, homemade bread…

I thought I’d take a snap of one of their bookcases…beautiful in it’s organised disorganisation.  I’m sure Tobit will be able to tell us what the scheme is!

When we move into our new place I’d like to create something similar.

Not long now…hopefully!


2 thoughts on “day 64…

  1. Colour… well not quite…
    from top to bottom (in this pic)
    Modern contemporary American,Canadian and European fiction.
    Russian classics
    Greek and other classics, philosophy, meta physics, etc.
    Poetry, and travel (stuff like Newby and Chatwin)

    With a touch of randomness to stop things falling off and to fill gaps, so you might not find Marco Polo in the travel section, and Kipplin is all together

    And then what ever the children have decided to do while working for the ministry of re-shelving…

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