day 56…

One of the things that I believe passionately about education is that it isn’t about me giving my pupils knowledge.  As in me being the expert and them the novices.  Me with the power, them under my control.

I think that our job as teachers is to help pupils unlock their potential, to find their passion and gifting in life and to grow to fulfil their potential. Teachers are just part of that process. The secret is enabling pupils to understand that they’re in charge, that they have the opportunity to open their minds to a fascinating world.

A pupil who has their mind unlocked is one who will flourish, will want to constantly push the boundaries of the knowledge and experience further and further.  They’re unstoppable.

That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing…I guess.

The exciting thing is that this isn’t just about being young.  All of us can be learners, no matter how young or old.  We just need an open mind.  The rest follows.

(All this to explain that I bought this fantastic Howies t-shirt while on holiday in Wales.  I loved the picture.  It kind of speaks to my theology as well as my educational approach.  Neat when you find something like this, eh?)


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