searching for God…

In the theme of yesterday’s post, here’s another quote.  This time inspired by a post by Ian Adams on the Facebook group ‘Missional Communities, Orders and Projects Hub at CMS’.  It comes from the incredible Catholic missionary Vincent Donovan’s work ‘Christianity Rediscovered’:

‘We are searching for God. I have come a long, long distance to invite you to search for God with us. Let us search for God together. Maybe, together we will find God…’
(Donovan, Vincent; Christianity Rediscovered: an Epistle from the Masai; London:SCM Press 2004; p38

The context of this is of a missionary seeking engagement with a new tribe, who haven’t encountered Jesus before.  It speaks of the humility of ‘evangelism’, the lack of presumption that we have the answers, and that instead we seek them out together.

This – this is what excites and intrigues me about this journey we’re on.



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