day 22…

So after day 17’s shout out for Sevenly here’s another company doing fantastic work around social entrepreneurship.  They’re probably already known to you – but if you haven’t seen them before, be prepared to meet Toms for the first time.

They have a simple business model.  For every pair of shoes they sell, they give a pair to a child in the developing world.  Doesn’t sound massive, but think about how much your life is easier because you’re able to travel everywhere in a lovely pair of shoes.

Sephi got her first pair today.  They are incredibly cute, but they also hopefully point her towards the way that she should be looking to shop in the future.  Social activism needs to start early, if you ask me!

It’s also a lesson that business doesn’t have to be soulless.  Imagine what would happen if everyone adopted this model.  They could clearly afford to (screw the flipping shareholders!) and many, many more lives could be transformed.  Maybe my little girl will grow up valuing this when she’s looking to enter the work force.  Who knows what she might do to change the world?

Welcome to the socially active world, Sephi T.


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