day 17…

My good friend Tobit introduced me to Sevenly.  If you’ve not come across them they’re a social enterprise who are making and selling t-shirts which carry some fantastic messages about justice and hope that are rooted within the Christian tradition.

Their premise is fairly simple.  They create a t-shirt every week that reflects a particular charitable focus.  For every t-shirt they sell they donate just over a 1/3 of the price (which is pretty much all of their profit margin).

Tobit gave me a t-shirt that he had spare, and with it came the little sticker on the left.

“World change is how I roll”…

Now…call me naive, butI hope that’s true…on two counts:
1) I’m training to be a teacher.  An inquisitive and educated (or geared up to learn) mind is a mind that can change the world.  I’m utterly convinced by that…
2) If you read any of my posts about ‘beliefs…‘ you’ll know that I believe profoundly that the call to Jesus-followers is be part of changing the world…person by person…community by community…hope comes when we act.

So, yeah.  I hope I never grow up out of that naivety.

Because this is how Jesus rolls…


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