day 16…

I’m training to be a teacher.  I think I’ve mentioned that once or twice before.  It’s pretty huge.  Whole new way of thinking and being.

One of the ‘delights’ of the course is the process of Lesson Planning.  To the uninitiated, that’s the process by which we set goals and measure progress of pupils in the classroom.  To practiced teachers it can still be a drawn out process.  To a trainee like me, 1 hour of teaching can take up to 2 hours of preparation.  That process is speeding up as I get more efficient in completing the paperwork…but it’s still flippin’ time consuming.

The good side is that it makes you think about everything you and the pupils are supposed to be doing.

The bad thing is that you over think and over plan…and can sometimes plan out the beautiful learning moments that happen when space is available within your time with the pupils.

This is my first lesson plan of 2012 – I’ve had a couple of weeks of observation at my second school placement, now it’s time for the real thing.  Looking forward to it.  I think.

If you’re really interested, it’s a lesson on Hindu beliefs about the soul…


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